1957 is the height of the space race between the USSR and the USA.

After a successful launch of the first satellite, the Soviet Union takes on a new, almost impossible mission — to prepare living creature to fly into space.

After numerous experiments it has been decided — a hamster will fly into space. The project has got the name “Homka -1" under the special mark "Top secret". The start occurs in secrecy, but suddenly something goes wrong and the ship disappears from radar. The contacts with him cannot be restored and the reasons of the failure are unknown. For security purposes, all documents are destroyed, and the project is in oblivion now.

2013, State of Nevada.

At the suburbs of Carson City unidentified flying object is crashed. Witnesses were making video of the incident and simply stiffened in astonishment, when a tiny astronaut came from the shuttle.

He raised his glasses and said, "Scratch me behind the ear, please."

Shock and surprise! After about 60 years of wandering in space "Homka-1" returned to earth as an intelligent being with a superpower.

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